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Advanced Technology

In-Office Cone
Beam Cat Scan (Pro Max 3-D)

Computer Surgery
Digital X-ray
Intraoral Camera
Electric Handpieces
Cerec On-site Crown/Inlay/Onlay Milling Soft Tissue Laser
Velscope Cancer Screen Testing

Pro Max 3-D

Dental x-rays provide us with two-dimensional representations of the structures of the mouth. With our Pro Max 3-D, we are able to visualize the structures of the jaw in three dimensions. This allows us to accurately determine the volume of bone available for the placement of dental implants. We are able to assess the proximity of anatomic structures to proposed implant sites and identify pathology, increasing the predictability of the procedures. All this is accomplished with minimal radiation exposure-less than 10 percent that of medical CT scan and less than half that of a full series of dental x-rays. Due to all of these advantages, we believe this technology will become the standard of care for the placement of dental implants.

Computer Surgery

Having the ability to perform “computer surgery” (virtual surgery) before going to the mouth is a tremendous advantage particularly in more complex cases. Simplant, NobelGuide, Blue Sky Horizon are the different types of software programs that allow us to do just that. They assemble the data from the CT scan and allow us to view the jaw in three dimensions. We can virtually place the implants on the computer in such a way as to maximize the available bone and ensure the implants will be in the proper position for the final restoration. It enables us to accurately measure distances from vital structures for a safer implant experience. The plan can then be e-mailed to a manufacturing facility to fabricate a surgical guide which we can use to accurately place the implants.


Digital x-rays are soon to be the standard in dental imaging. The digital imaging software allows the doctor to see a number of different views of the tooth to gain a better understanding of the proper course of management. Digital x-rays provide a great benefit to the patient by decreasing the radiation by over 80% compared to the regular x-rays.

Intraoral Camera

Intraoral cameras are an excellent means of allowing the patient to view potential dental conditions in their own mouth. It makes it very easy to understand what is happening in your own mouth if you can see the problem on a computer monitor. This digital image can be utilized to provide information to insurance and other doctors if necessary.

Electric Handpieces

There are two types of handpieces: air-driven and electric. Electric handpieces are much stronger than air-driven due to the fact that a motor is spinning the bur as opposed to air. This allows the doctor to remove decay at a faster pace. This will cut down on the time it takes to complete a procedure.

Cerec On-Site Crown/Inlay/Onlay Milling

Velscope Cancer Screen Testing

About Oral Cancer

Most people are surprised to learn that one American dies every hour from oral cancer; a death rate that has remained virtually unchanged for more than 40 years. Recent statistics published by the American Cancer Society indicate that while the incidence and death rates for cancers overall has decreased, the incidence of oral cancer has increased by 5.5% and the death rate has increased by 1.5%.  Oral cancer is far too often discovered in late stage development, the primary reason for consistently high death rate. Early detection and diagnosis can make a tremendous difference in life expectancy; oral cancer is 90% curable when found in its early stages. Unfortunately, 70% of oral cancers are diagnosed in the late stages, 3 and 4, leading to a five-year survival rate of 57%. Though tobacco and alcohol use are the primary lifestyle risk factors that contribute to the development of oral cancer, 25% of oral  cancer victims do not use tobacco or alcohol, and have no lifestyle risk factors. Oral cancer affects men more than women, 2:1, but oral cancer in women is on the rise nationwide.

Famous Victims

Oral cancer has affected the lives of many people; however some of the better known oral cancer victims may surprise you.

1. Sigmund Freud
2. Jack Klugman
3. Alan King
4. Mary Wells
5. George Harrison
6. Aaron Spelling
7. Jim Thorpe
8. Bill Blass
9. Rod Stewart
10. Lana Turner


Early detection is the key to reducing the devastating impact of oral cancer on victims and their families. Annual oral cancer  creening of patients at increased risk for oral cancer, patients age 18 and older, an tobacco users of any age, is the only way to
achieve the early detection of oral cancer necessary to reduce the death rate of oral cancer-a death rate that has remained unchanged for more than 40 years!!
The following links are intended for those who have been diagnosed with oral cancer and are looking for more information and support resources.

SPOHNC: Support for People with Oral and Head and Neck Cancer




Dental Insurance

The American Dental Association has established a dental insurance procedure code that applies to the Velscope exam. This code is the CDT-5 D0431 code. your dental plan may cover this procedure and both you and your dentist may not be aware of it.

Medical Insurance

Your medical insurance company may also cover the Velscope exam. There are medical insurance codes that have also been used to obtain insurance reimbursement for the velscope exam. These codes are CPT code 82397 for “chemiluminescent assay” and ICD-9 code, V76.42, which refers to a “special screening for malignant neoplasms, oral cavity”. You can submit medical claims to your medical insurance company. your medical insurance company can provide your with a claim form.


Medical Spending Accounts, if offered by your employer, are an excellent option to use for reimbursement of your Velscope examination. Healthcare Savings Accounts can also be an option for reimbursement of your annual velscope exam. In any case, be sure to get documentation of the Velscope exam from us and submit a copy of this, along with your receipt, for reimbursement.

We have a sample appeal letter for you to send to your insurance company in the event that your submission for reimbursement has been denied.
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