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Know Your Mouth: The Importance of Oral Cancer Screenings

  • Empowered Aging: Incorporating oral cancer screening into regular health routines empowers individuals as they age, enabling them to take control of their health and well-being for a fulfilling and active lifestyle.
  • Longevity and Vitality: Early detection and management of oral cancer contribute to longevity and vitality, allowing individuals to enjoy life to the fullest with their loved ones.
  • Improved Communication: Maintaining optimal oral health through screening enhances communication skills, as individuals feel more confident in their ability to articulate thoughts and ideas without oral discomfort.
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    What You Need To Know About Oral Cancer Screening
    Discover essential insights on oral cancer screening, vital for early detection and prevention. Stay informed and proactive about your oral health with crucial knowledge on this imperative screening process.
    Oral cancer is a devastating and deadly cancer that can often go unnoticed until it has progressed to later stages. Twenty-five percent of all oral cancer victims have no known risk factors.1 Additionally, according to a study conducted by Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center, the human papillomavirus (HPV) 16/18, a common sexually transmitted virus, is also highly associated with oral cancers located in the upper throat and back of the tongue.

As with any cancer, early detection and diagnosis is critical to survival. It is important for patients to see an oral healthcare professional regularly, particularly if they are considered high risk those who use tobacco, abuse alcohol or have been
    exposed to HPV.

    oral cancer symptoms

    The Signs of Oral Cancer
    Discover the subtle yet crucial signs of oral cancer. From persistent mouth sores to unexplained bleeding, learn to recognize early indicators for timely intervention and enhanced treatment outcomes.
    We perform a thorough oral cancer exam during your checkups because early detection can save your life. Oral cancer is the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells in the mouth and throat. Some of the warning signs are—
    early oral cancer detection

    Early Detection Saves Lives: The Importance of Oral Cancer Screenings

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    Catch oral cancer early with a simple screening! Schedule your appointment today for peace of mind and a healthy mouth.

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    Advanced Oral Health Solutions
    Discover cutting-edge techniques and products for optimal oral health with our Advanced Oral Health Solutions. From innovative treatments to expert advice, elevate your dental care routine to the next level.
    ViziLite® TBlue
    ViziLite® TBlue® is a cutting-edge device engineered to revolutionize oral healthcare practices, particularly in the crucial task of identifying and marking abnormal lesions within the oral cavity. Crafted with precision and innovation, this advanced tool serves as a beacon of hope in the early detection of potentially harmful lesions, ranging from precancerous to cancerous cells, which might otherwise elude detection through conventional visual examinations alone. At the heart of ViziLite® TBlue® lies a proprietary technology that harnesses the power of specialized light emission, meticulously designed to heighten the visibility of lesions that may be obscured to the naked eye during routine examinations.
    HPV Testing
    HPV testing refers to the detection of human papillomavirus (HPV) in oral samples. HPV is a virus known to cause various types of cancers, including oral cancers. Testing for HPV in the oral cavity can help in identifying individuals at risk for developing HPV-related oral lesions or cancers.
    OralDNA LabsTM
    OralDNA LabsTM is a clinical laboratory service that provides specialized diagnostics for oral health professionals. These diagnostics aim to offer reliable, definitive, and cost-effective clinical tests to aid in the detection and prognosis of oral diseases at earlier and more treatable stages. They likely offer a range of tests related to oral health, including tests for oral pathogens, genetic predispositions, and other biomarkers associated with oral diseases.

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    Oral Cancer Treatment Process
    Oral cancer refers to cancer that develops in the tissues of the mouth or throat. It can occur in any part of the mouth, including the lips, gums, tongue, inner lining of the cheeks, roof, and floor of the mouth. The process of oral cancer typically involves several stages:


    Initial Consultation

    Like all cancers, oral cancer begins with genetic mutations within the cells of the mouth or throat. These mutations can be caused by various factors, including smoking, chewing tobacco, excessive alcohol consumption, human papillomavirus (HPV) infection, sun exposure (in the case of lip cancer), and genetic predisposition.


    Cellular proliferation

    Once the genetic mutations occur, the affected cells begin to grow and divide uncontrollably. This leads to the formation of a mass or tumor within the oral cavity.


    Local invasion

    As the tumor grows, it can invade nearby tissues and structures in the mouth, such as the tongue, gums, palate, or throat. This invasion can cause symptoms such as pain, difficulty swallowing, or changes in speech.



    In advanced stages, oral cancer cells can break away from the primary tumor and spread to other parts of the body through the lymphatic system or bloodstream. Common sites of metastasis include the lymph nodes in the neck, as well as distant organs such as the lungs, liver, or bones.


    Clinical presentation

    Symptoms of oral cancer can vary depending on the location and stage of the disease. Common signs include persistent mouth sores, red or white patches in the mouth, unexplained bleeding, numbness or pain in the mouth or lips, difficulty chewing or swallowing, a lump or thickening in the mouth or throat, or changes in voice.



    Oral cancer is typically diagnosed through a combination of physical examination, medical history review, and diagnostic tests such as biopsy, imaging studies (like X-rays, CT scans, or MRI), or laboratory tests.



    Treatment options for oral cancer may include surgery to remove the tumor and affected tissues, radiation therapy to target and destroy cancer cells, chemotherapy to kill cancer cells or stop their growth, targeted therapy to block specific pathways involved in cancer growth, or immunotherapy to boost the body's immune response against cancer cells.



    The prognosis for oral cancer depends on various factors, including the stage of the disease at diagnosis, the location and size of the tumor, and the individual's overall health. Early detection and treatment can significantly improve outcomes. After treatment, patients typically require regular follow-up appointments to monitor for recurrence or complications and to provide supportive care.

    Be Proactive - Protect Yourself with an Oral Cancer Screening

    Don’t let oral cancer go undetected – book a free Oral Cancer Screening in our office now to protect yourself! With early detection, you have the best chances at successful treatment and an improved quality of life. Act today to make sure your health is protected and protected for years to come.
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Discover vital insights on oral cancer screening. Unravel FAQs on risks, procedures, and prevention. Empower yourself with knowledge to safeguard your oral health effectively.
    What is Oral Cancer Screening?
    Oral Cancer Screening involves a thorough examination of the mouth to detect any signs of oral cancer or precancerous conditions.
    Everyone, regardless of age or risk factors, should undergo regular Oral Cancer Screening as part of their routine dental check-ups.
    During a dental exam, our dentists will visually inspect the mouth, gums, tongue, and throat for any abnormalities or suspicious lesions.
    No, Oral Cancer Screening is painless and typically only takes a few minutes as part of your regular dental check-up.
    Risk factors include tobacco use, heavy alcohol consumption, excessive sun exposure, HPV infection, and a family history of oral cancer.
    We recommend undergoing Oral Cancer Screening at least once a year, especially if you have risk factors or a family history of oral cancer.
    Yes, early detection through Oral Cancer Screening can significantly increase the chances of successful treatment and recovery.
    If we detect any suspicious lesions, we may perform further tests or refer you to a specialist for a biopsy to determine the nature of the lesion.
    Yes, adopting a healthy lifestyle, including quitting smoking, limiting alcohol consumption, practicing good oral hygiene, and eating a balanced diet, can help reduce the risk of oral cancer.
    Many dental insurance plans cover Oral Cancer Screening as part of routine dental check-ups, but it’s best to check with your provider for specific coverage details.

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    Discover the expertise of your premier dental doctor, ensuring personalized care and optimal oral health. Uncover the key to a confident smile through a comprehensive understanding of your trusted dental professional.
    Rita Kutsikovich DDS, MSH
    Dr. Rita Kutsikovich, DDS, MPH., is a specialist in the field of prosthodontics and offers a wide array of services and treatments in specialized dentistry. She attended Virginia Commonwealth University for her undergraduate training and immediately advanced to Dental School at the Medical College of Virginia, completed the four year doctoral degree program in 2001, and became a licensed dentist.
    She went on to pursue additional specialized education for three more years and graduated in 2004 from University of Pittsburgh with Masters Degree in Public health and Certificate in Prosthodontics. During those three years she has also managed to earn her Diplomate Status in the International Congress of Oral Implantologists , DICOI (www.icoi.org to find out more about the requirements to earn the status of DICOI). Her rigorous training enabled her with the expertise to provide comprehensive, complex treatments for patients.

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    3 weeks ago
    Deborah DeGrange
    Loved getting my teeth cleaned & the hygentist was very informative and helpful. She helped me plan out future plans for my dental care in conjuncture with my insurance coverage.
    3 weeks ago
    Sharon Decker
    This was my first visit to Premier Dental and I was very happy from the minute I checked in until I left. Everyone took the time to explain things and that they truly care about you. Very caring and warm atmosphere in this office. I would definitely recommend them.
    1 month ago
    Juan Dornel
    Thank you Dr Rita and staff for your incredible professionalism and support! My Invisalign journey was nothing short of your continuous and diligent care and help. I am so happy with my new smile! My whole family only trusts you with their dental care! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
    3 months ago
    kim wynn
    My first visit at Premier Dental Associates Inc, in one word was "AMAZING". Starting from my appointment confirmation, to the warm inviting greeting of the team, to the Dental Technicians professional care and finally to my doctor. The wholistic consultation for my problem to providing me with various solutions was very enlightening. The best part, was feeling confident in knowing I am being provided with quality service from a team that looks at providing me with Quality Results. Thank you so much.
    3 months ago
    Warren Serrani
    I’ve been seeing Dr. Rita for the past 9 years - everything from general teeth cleanings to most recently my Invisalign treatment! Her knowledge and care has made such a difference in both my life and my smile. 🙂 The staff is a true highlight of this office & always make me feel so welcomed and cared for. Everyone from Cindy and Erica at the front desk, to all of the wonderful hygienists who have worked on me over the years. I can’t imagine doing anywhere else for all my dental needs.
    4 months ago
    Oksana Zvereva
    I wanted to thank Dr Rita and all of her amazing staff for treating my parents with the outmost love and respect! My father needed a lot of specialized care that only Dr Rita was able to provide. Unfortunately, chemo therapy did a lot of damage and he could not eat everything he wanted and was loosing his confidence. Dr Rita’s office welcomed him as their own family and gave him back what cancer had taken away. I can never thank Dr Rita and her staff enough for all their professionalism and kind hearts!
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    Experience the transformative impact of permanent full-arch dental implants as depicted in a carefully curated collection highlighting the incredible evolution from tentative smiles to confident, radiant grins of the present.
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    It's Easier Than You Think: Oral Cancer Examined

    Take charge of your health and well-being today. Invest in an oral cancer screening to protect yourself from the dangers of this dangerous disease. Schedule your appointment now and be proactive in safeguarding against the terrible effects of oral cancer.

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